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Earthsong Enterprises is me, Donna Peterson, and I’ve been freelancing in various capacities since 1989. 

I specialize in the Microsoft Office software suite, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access and Expression.  I’m also a photographer, writer and amateur graphic designer; I use Corel’s Paint Shop Pro to edit photographs and a variety of programs to create my designs.  Check out my full resume; I’m also listed on LinkedIn.com  and ELance.com (search for Earthsong Enterprises).  Samples of my work are given below.

I am committed to providing quality service and client satisfaction with all projects; I pride myself on being efficient and accurate.  Your deliverables will be clearly defined in our contract, as will my rates, which are quite reasonable.  Let’s talk!  Send an email including your name, phone number and the best time for me to reach you (what’s your time zone?). 

Earthsong Candles: I operated this soy candle-making business out of my home from 2007 to 2009.  I created a website and online store and a wide variety of graphics, including the company logo, website images, and numerous advertisements and mailings; set up document templates for invoices, correspondence and other business-related files; and maintained an Outlook mailing list. 

Article: The Truth About Paraffin
Sample Advertisements: General    Night Sky Line    Classes

Confidential client: Typing, formatting, editing and assembling a large collection of short stories for publication in a book; deliver final, print-ready files to publisher.

Green Schools Montana: Co-founded a 2009 regional fund-raising program to generate additional funding for K-12 schools in Montana.  Created stationery (including personalized business cards for each representative); wrote website and proposal copy; edited copy generated by other co-founders; formatted, personalized for each representative, and published the final school proposal and business proposal; built and maintained the  website. 

Rocky Mountain Mr. & Ms. Magazine: Associate Editor.

The Fundraising Journal: Designed and built website; provided editorial support and web maintenance for the first three months of the Journal’s operation. 

Online resume service and private clients: Write professional quality resumes.

QE Healing Arts: Created logo, stationery and document templates.

GH Mechanical: Designed and built website; added minor animation to 2 images; did extensive restoration work on the home page image, which was taken from an original and very beat up Splitdorf document from the 1920’s. 

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